Submit a Rental Application Today!

Submitting a rental application is easy! You can print the application and deliver it by mail or in person, or you can use Adobe Reader to fill out the application then e-mail it. See below for instuctions.

Submit by Mail or in Person

  1. Click Here to open the Rental Application in a new browser tab.
  2. Click the "Print" button in the upper right hand corner of the screen
  3. Completely fill out pages 1 through 3 of the application.
  4. Either mail the completed application to the address below:
    Clinton Crossings Adult Patio Homes by Biskon Corp
    5077 Clinton Street Rd
    Batavia NY 14020
  5. Or submit the application in person to the address below:
    Armor Builidng Supply
    653 Ellicott Street
    Batavia NY 14020

Or Submit Electronically

Note: Adobe Reader is required to submit the application electronically.
If you do not have Adobe Reader, Click Here to download it. Don't worry...It's FREE!!

  1. Click Here to download the Rental Application, be sure you know which folder the file is downloaded into.
  2. Open the Rental_Application.pdf file using Adobe Reader.
    1. Open Adobe Reader
    2. Click "File" in the upper left hand corner.
    3. Click "Open" in the drop down that appears.
    4. Browse to the folder that the Rental_Application.pdf file downloaded to.
    5. Click the file, and then click "Open" in the bottom right corner.
  3. After the file opens, type in your information for all grayed out boxes on pages 1 through 3.
  4. After all the approcriate gray boxes have been filled, click the "Submit Application" button at the bottom of page 3.
  5. This will create a "Draft" e-mail in the e-mail provider you select.
  6. Login to the e-mail provider you selected, locate the draft e-mail and click on it.
  7. When the draft e-mail opens, click the send button to submit the application.